White House will not reveal visitors’ identity

White House will not reveal visitors’ identity

The White House will not reveal visitors’ identity, effective immediately.

Trump’s decision puts an end to the Obama administration’s transparency policy

The secrecy surrounding the Donald Trump administration has returned to prominence after the White House today announced that it will not disclose the records of people visiting the president.

This maneuver marks a radical departure from his predecessor Barack Obama’s decision to release more than six million such documents during his two terms. Rumor about this measure had gained momentum in the last three months but it was today when White House communications director Michael Dubke has confirmed it.

According to Trump, Obama’s transparency policy threatened national security and undermined the privacy of the hundreds of thousands of people who visit the home of the American leader every year. To approve the new measure, the president’s administration has relied on a federal law stating that almost all records are “presidential records” and are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

The secret service is in charge of dealing with visitors’ registers, formally known as the Entry System of Workers and Visitors, whose identity will be kept secret from now until at least 5 years have passed since the end of the Presidency of Trump.


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