Trump considers investigation a “witch hunt”

Trump considers investigation a “witch hunt”

President Donald Trump described the congressional investigations into Russia’s meddling in the past elections and its alleged ties to the Kremlin as a “witch-hunt.”

“Mike Flynn should ask for immunity because this is a witch hunt,” Trump wrote in his Twitter account regarding reports that the former National Security ex-deputy has asked for immunity to testify before congressional committees studying the affair.

Trump also accused the Democrats and the media of being the promoters of that “witch-hunt,” which he said is “of historical proportions.”

Several media reports have reported that Michael Flynn, a retired general who was forced to resign precisely for hiding information about his contacts with the Russian Embassy, ​​has offered to testify before the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Congressional Intelligence Committees And the Senate investigating the case in exchange for immunity.

Flynn had taken over as national security adviser to the Trump Government when he arrived at the White House on January 20, but ended up resigning on February 13 for hiding his contacts with representatives of the Kremlin.

According to the media that have echoed that offer, which has not been confirmed by Flynn himself, the ex-National Security adviser wants to avoid being involved in a possible prosecution against him.

According to the media, Flynn participated in meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the transition stage to review the sanctions imposed on Russia by the Barack Obama Administration in response to Kremlin interference in the election campaign won by Trump .

The Senate and House of Representatives Intelligence Committees, as well as the FBI, investigate Russian intrusion to influence the outcome of the election in favor of Trump’s candidacy and the contacts between the two parties.

Leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Democrat Mark Warner and Republican Richard Burr, said Thursday that they have received information that Russia has hired up to 1,000 trolls to spread false news about Hillary Clinton, Democrat Trump.

The investigation into the alleged coordination of Trump’s team with the Russians to undermine Clinton’s candidacy already affects the circle closest to the ruler, following the agreement reached by his son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, to voluntarily testify in the Senate about his contacts With representatives of the Kremlin.

The fact that he testifies “voluntarily” in the case could allow Kushner not to take oath beforehand.

Despite these investigations, more and more voices call for the creation of an independent commission to study this issue.

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