Trump wants out of Paris Agreement

President Trump formally announces his intent to withdraw the US from the 2015 Paris climate agreement, prompting criticism from former and serving world leaders and the United Nations.[236][237] Tesla’s Elon Musk and Disney CEO Bob Iger resign from the president’s business advisory council in protest.

What is the Paris Agreement and why does Donald Trump want to leave?

Its aim is to keep the average global temperature “well below” two degrees Celsius with respect to pre-industrial levels, although the countries committed themselves to carry out “all necessary efforts” so that it does not exceed the 1.5 degrees and avoid ” More catastrophic impacts of climate change. ”

The Agreement does not provide for penalties for non-compliance, but it does set a committee to design a transparent mechanism to ensure that commitments are fulfilled and warn before expiry of deadlines whether or not the agreement can be met.
In addition, with this agreement countries commit themselves to achieve “a balance between the gases emitted and those that can be absorbed” in second half of century, that is, that can not produce more emissions than those that the planet can absorb, either by natural mechanisms or by geological capture or storage techniques.

With regard to the financing, the new Paris Agreement obliges developed countries to contribute to financing mitigation and adaptation in developing States, and encourages States in an economic position to contribute to their contributions voluntarily.
In this sense, the intention to finance must be communicated two years before transferring the funds. According to the agreement, the commitment is to achieve $ 100 billion per year by 2025, although an upward revision is set before the year.

United States, China and climate change.

According to scientific studies, the United States and China are the most polluting countries in the world. Therefore, former President Barack Obama set goals to cut emissions by 26% to 28% compared to 2005 levels and China promised to stop the growth of its emissions from 2030.
The association of these two countries against climate change has been a point of great consensus between the two. The same one that took them time to ratify, September 3 of 2016, in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. Both countries add up to 40% of all global emissions.

However, the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, has publicly denied the reality of climate change and went on to say in social networks that it was a “deception of the Chinese.”
During his election campaign, Trump was also in favor of “canceling” the environmental agreements of the Paris Convention in 2015 and signed by more than 170 countries, and assured that it would “withdraw” all United States funds for the United Nations That have to do with climate change.

This week, several US media said Trump would withdraw the United States from the Paris climate deal, a move welcomed by supporters in his base and likely to deepen a row with its allies abroad.
For its part, the Chinese government said today, that it will keep the commitments made last year with the ratification of the Paris Agreements against climate change, “although the position of other countries will change”, alluding to the possible withdrawal of the United States Of this global environmental commitment.

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