Trump tries to stop ninth circuit

Trump tries to stop ninth circuit

Trump, against the judge who stopped the immigration veto:

“If something happens, it’s your fault”

Trump – “I can not believe it has put our country in danger,” the tycoon said, criticizing James Robart’s ruling.

After the decision by federal judge James Robart, who blocked the controversial immigration decree issued by President Donald Trump, the magnate said Sunday against the judicial system and insinuated that “if something bad happens,” it will be the fault of Justice.

He did so when referring to the judicial decision to curb the decree that prohibits the entry into the country of immigrants and refugees. “I just can not believe that a judge has put our country in such a danger.” If anything happens, it will be his fault and the judicial system. “People are creeping in. Twitter official account.

And in line with the latest, he added: “I instructed the Department of Homeland Security to examine the people who come to our country VERY CAREFULLY. The courts are making this work very difficult!”

Last Friday, federal judge James Robart provisionally blocked, while reviewing the merits of the case, a veto that temporarily prevented entry of refugees from all over the world and citizens of Libya, Sudan, Somalia , Syria, Iraq, Iran and Yemen.

Trump criticized Judge Robart on Saturday for calling him “alleged judge” and accusing him of “snatching the country’s ability to enforce the law.”

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His latest message goes further, suggesting that it will be his fault if there is a terrorist attack in the country that in his opinion could be linked to the blockade of his veto, whose stated objective is to prevent the entry of potential terrorists into the country.

On Saturday night, the Trump cabinet began a process of appealing against Judge Robart’s decision, which was accompanied by a petition to the Court of Appeals to restore the veto that had been blocked by the magistrate.

The appeals court on Sunday rejected that last petition and therefore put into effect the decision that again opened the country’s doors to millions of immigrants and refugees.
However, the Court also asked the plaintiffs in the case – the states of Washington and Minnesota, opposed to the immigration veto – to submit arguments in favor of their position before 23.59 local time today and to the Trump Government to do The same before 15.00 on Monday.

Experts say the case is likely to end up in the Supreme Court, which is currently split between four conservative and four progressive judges, pending the Senate’s confirmation of a ninth judge nominated this week by Trump, Neil Gorsuch.

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