Trump ignores protestors

Trump ignores protestors

The president makes no mention of the hundreds of thousands of protesters who paralyze Washington.

When Donald Trump left Saturday morning for Washington Cathedral to attend a religious ceremony, the first public act of his first day as President of the United States, participants in the Women’s March convened in protest of the new Government began to overflow the streets that lead to the White House.

When Trump returned to his new residence, the clamor of what had quickly become one of the largest demonstrations in recent years in the US capital, with a stake that according to the organization exceeded half a million people, his entourage crossed With groups of women and men still gathering at the National Mall for the march. And when, shortly after 1 pm, Trump re-boarded his limousine to head to the CIA headquarters, the shouts and protests were audible around the perimeter of a White House also surrounded by demonstrators .

But the flamboyant Republican president, who had boasted only 24 hours earlier in his inaugural address to a “historic movement of tens of millions of people never seen before in the world,” did not consider it necessary to refer to the hundreds of Thousands of people walking to the White House for a much more crowded avenues than during their opening party.

Of course, he did not hesitate to call reporters “the most dishonest beings on Earth” to publish images that showed a much more empty Washington during his inauguration than in that of Obama or even this Saturday and assured that between one million and a million and a half people came to celebrate it. A figure much higher than the shuffle by the media and the one that allow to estimate calculations like the one realized by the public transport of the city. According to Metro, at 11 am on Friday, 193,000 people had used their transport, one of the main ones to move around the city. At the same time this Saturday, the day of the Women’s March, the number of metro users exceeded 275,000 and, a few hours later, in full swing of the protest, far exceeded half a million trips.

The one who has had no trouble commenting on the march and degrading it is Michael Flynn Jr, the son of Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The young man, who acted as an assistant to his father until he had to leave the post for spreading false news about Hillary Clinton on the Internet that almost caused a tragedy in Washington, again used social networks to insult the hundreds of thousands of women who Marched across the country this day to claim protection of their rights in the Trump era.


“What victory? Women already have the same rights and YES, equal pay in this country. What more do you want? A manicure or pedicure for free? “Flynn Jr. tweeted.

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