“Mooch” says he was “kidding” trash-talking ex-coworkers

“Mooch” says he was “kidding” trash-talking ex-coworkers

For reasons that only he can know, the now-dismissed communications director of the presidency hoped that the scandalous conversation he had with journalist Ryan Lizza will remain between them, even if he never said it was ‘off the record’.

Anthony Scaramucci, with the added irony that his fall as Donald Trump’s brief second communications director of the White House has catalyzed an interview full of rudeness – Which now claims to be “joking” and off the record in spirit.

“Most of what I said was humorous and joking. Legally, it may have been on the record, but the spirit was off (the record). And he knew it, “Scaramucci said in an interview The Huffington Post published Wednesday, referring to his conversation with Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker last week.

During his conversation with Lizza, the “Mooch” called Preibus a “schizophrenic paranoid” and criticized with crude sexual references Steve Bannon, the chief strategist of the president. He also threatened to fire everyone on the communications team if the reporter did not reveal the source he had informed him of a dinner he had had that day with First Lady Melania Trump, Fox News host Sean Hannity and Bill Shine.

That scandalous conversation was published by Lizza, and generated a great stir in Washington, partly because it seemed to indicate that Scaramucci was weakening his position on Priebus, who was supposed to be his superior, with the full consent of the president.

But this Tuesday, the day after Trump’s new chief of staff, General John Kelly, removed him from office, Scaramucci told The Huffington Post that he hoped that what he said to Lizza was between only them.

“Lizzas and Scaramuccis have been friends for more than 50 years. My dad knew my construction dad, and we were building a personal relationship, “said Scaramucci referring to the Italian-New York state community of New York to which both families belong.

Nevertheless, Lizza rejected that both were friendly, although recognizes that their parents could have known each other.


In addition, the journalist said that the former director of communications had asked that certain portions of the interview remain unpublished, so it can be assumed that Scaramucci understood the nature of the contact that he initiated, when he called him to demand how he knew about that dinner.

Brief life at the White House

On July 21 Anthony Scaramucci made his first appearance in the media in which he displayed his best weapons of seduction and, despite his position as director of communications, looked like the man who would come to impose a certain order on the presidential team.

Just ten days later, on Monday 31, the man that Trump himself brought in from New York was out, removed from the team by a respected Marine general, John Kelly, newly appointed chief of staff for the presidency.

It was a fleeting step, but that like a terrible temporary, left several victims in the way: the chief of cabinet, Reince Priebus; President Spokesman Sean Spicer and Michael Short, a member of the press team who resigned July 25, 2017 after learning that the new communications director was planning to fire him to stop the leaks plaguing the White House.

Many saw in Scaramucci a bombastic spokesman with a style very similar to that of his boss Donald Trump. Even some media, a little jokingly and a little seriously, called the president’s “mini me”, for his gesture, tone and even the accuracy with which he repeated sentences of his boss.

One theory that some consider is that Scaramucci was so much like his boss that he would have thought it was not a good idea to have a subordinate robbing him of the scene.



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