Kislyak and Kissinger chumming it up with Trump

Kislyak and Kissinger chumming it up with Trump

It was all smiles when President Trump welcomed the Russians Sergey Lavrov (chancellor) and Sergey Kislyak (ambassador) into the White House.

The above was clear, thanks to the photos of the Russian state news agency Tass. His photographer (who traveled on Lavrov’s plane) was the only one allowed at the meeting, while American journalists waited impatiently outside the Oval Office. Limiting access is Trumps weapon against the American public understanding what kind of relationship is being formed.

The meeting came only one day after Trump fired Comey.

Lavrov arrived in Washington on Tuesday and met with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in the morning.

When Lavrov entered the Oval Office, a reporter asked him if Comey’s dismissal represented “a shadow” over his meetings. Lavrov, from a distance, answered in a joke: “Was he fired? You’re teasing me. ”

The Russian Foreign Ministry did not delay in tweeting a photograph where Trump and Lavrov shake hands at the end of the press conference.

The meeting was attended by Ambassador Kislyak. A leading role in the case of ties between Michael Flynn and then-President-elect Trump. The National Security Advisor was fired for having lied to Vice President Pence about a phone call he had with Kislyak at the end of last December.

Trump described the meeting as “very, very good”, noting that both the United States and Russia want to stop “horrible, horrible slaughter in Syria as soon as possible.”

The interesting thing about the day is that before receiving the Russian officials, Henry Kissinger unexpectedly visited Trump. The famous diplomat advised Richard Nixon on security. What would he talk about with Trump?


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