The United States of America

Our beautiful country, with its 320 million strong is full of diverse and dynamic people, from almost every different walk of life, so many unique perspectives on so many different issues. We believe in the power of people, discovering new political talent at all levels is our passion, inspiring people to participate in the political process, occurring every minute of everyday.

Republicans have the Presidency, Senate 52-48, House 240-193, Gov. 33-16, State Sen 1089-823, and State House 3029-2340. According toNCSL data in the last 8 years, Democrats have given up 919 seats at the state level.

We need more blue choices, more candidates, more options, and more presidential nominees. The DNC needs our help, and we’re going to give it to them with both barrels finding qualified candidates for all races, at every possible level.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in for the next presidential election, simple questions can provoke real contenders, and our continuing mission is to find as many people, anyone and everyone, who can help us get more candidates to the next ballot box. Tom Hanks, Bill Gates, Oprah, George Clooney, and so many others that must be asked, are you interested in the job.

The fight between the Republicans and Democrats are simple: rich vs poor, rural vs urban, healthy vs sick, white vs colored, straight vs gay, men vs women, and on and on.

We’re all called upon to pick a side, difficult as it may be, choosing between two completely different realities, of how we should treat one another in these difficult times.

Creating positive dialogue while helping others decide whether becoming a Democrat is as admirable as we think it is.

GOP = Grand Old Party (Republicans)   –    DEM = Democrats

U.S. Senate

  • DEM - 48
  • GOP - 52

U.S. House

  • DEM - 192
  • GOP - 248


  • DEM - 15
  • GOP - 35

What We Know

Well… we now know that a lying, racist, misogynist, nepotistic, authoritarian, narcissist, rich celebrity guy can become the president of the most powerful country in the world. ???? This horrible nightmare had so many of us paralyzed, shocked, sickened, and scared straight beyond belief. Trump “the conman” cannibalized everyone in his own party, viciously and without mercy. He then went on to beat the democratic candidate, with a little help from his comrades and cronies including; breitbart, fox “fake” news, innumerable republican cowards, and most importantly the kremlin, along with the puppet master himself Mr. Vladimir Putin.

Yet, it was really his undeserved celebrity status that got him the platform, not the help from his spineless pals or his lies about being a billionaire. According to USA Today, the conman at best is worth $250 million, not the $30 billion he claims.

He’s a farce, a crook, an idiot without a moral compass, a man with no human decency, a pathological liar who has no control over his mouth, actions, or twitter account. The conman devoured every single one of his opponents, cruelly and happily while sipping on a good chianti, chatting away with his Russian pals and sleazy lawyers. At the end of the day, the conman most valuable asset wasn’t his money, his comrades, nor family or friends, but rather his celebrity status.

He proved that celebrity currency was in, and that it was more valuable than money, experience, knowledge, abilities, and even contacts. 2016 taught us that social media rocks and money really ain’t everything, just ask Jeb Bush.

It seems a celebrity has a better chance of becoming president of the United States than almost any other experienced politician out there in our humble West Coast Liberal “WCL” opinion. People like to see faces that they’ve seen before on tv or online, we’re all addicted to it, and familiar faces have value and meaning. From reality tv stars to all the cooking shows, automotive, travel, news, sports, and business programs, all the way the up the food chain to TV stars and big screen actors. We all love seeing people we feel we know, people we feel we can trust, hence celebrity currency. All of those stars have opinions on what’s going on, and we have a hungry audience ready to hear what they have to say. Their voices need to be documented and shared with the world, now more than ever, letting humanity know that celebrities care deeply about their country.

King Trump

Idiot in Charge

Paul Manafort

the Go-Between

Mike Flynn

the Inside Man

Vladamir Putin

The Real Boss of it All

What We Believe

Republicans don’t want to pay for anything period. Money is their higher power, and the only exceptions, of course, are purchases of new aircraft carriers or anything to do with locking up more people, preferably those of color. If they could sell air, you know they would.

Republicans will lie, cheat, misinform, use religion, gerrymander, ignore, shame, exaggerate, invent, and deny while using the deepest darkest coldest money available to them, furthering their agenda of destroying the poor. Negotiating is not in their vocabulary, they only understand and speak one language; Dem 59% – Rep 34%. If not kept in check, they will cripple us as a nation, a people, and a civilization.

Republicans loyalties run long, wide, and deep towards their billionaire friends, the privileged, and uninformed while ignoring human rights and basic decency and making a buck with a smile and a thank you.

They don’t care about those people; the poor, the sick, the old, the colored, and the different! Well, those are my people, our people, the minority and the different, the true faces of America.

The rich have their money, but we have the people, and the time for activating those people is now! MLK, Chavez, Huerta, Parks, Marshal, Ali, Lewis, Goldstein, Lennon, Milk, and on and on, there are so many. So many activist who held the line, stood their ground and fought and died fighting the evils of their times and ours.

Just hoping things will get better isn’t enough, it just isn’t. Acting like grown-ups is vital to our survival as humans and Americans. We are not alone, we are not an island unto ourselves, we are not cowards, and we are not ignorant or blind to the behaviors of the “disgusting conman” and his now exposed republican party.

Living Wage $15

  • DEM - 97%
  • GOP - 3%

DEM Spending Plans

  • Education
  • Social Security
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure
  • Climate Change
  • Diplomacy
  • Law & Order
  • Military

GOP Spending Plans

  • Military
  • Incarceration
  • Tax Breaks
  • Social Programs

10 Realities that face the DNC and Democratic Party:

1. Staggering losses starting with the debacle of the Nixon administration. The last 54 years of Presidential elections has netted: 34 years Republican, and 20 years Democrat. They’ve controlled the presidency almost twice as much as the democrats. Today: Senate 54-48, House 247-193, Gov. 34-16, State Sen. 1089-823, State House 3029-2340, and many think we’re doing just fine. Well, that’s just crazy. We are not OK, everything is not good, new ideas are needed more now than ever, or our way of living will surely perish under an authoritarian government, where democracy will be remembered as a former way of life lived by the American people.

2. Overinflated personalities driven by egos, costing dems the ability to win. The DNC is often run by active working congressman or people with fulltime jobs, this being their 2nd How is that even possible? It seems more about the resume than the job of winning. Winning means races, fundraising, messaging, content, and social media. We’ve been robbed from countless squandered opportunities to the possibilities of what could have been. Time for less personality and more corporate structure, discipline, professionalism, and ruthlessness. These changes need to start at the top and trickle down, if it can not, than it needs to be replaced, or challenged by a new democrat entity fighting on behalf of its people.

3. No Money! Barely able to raise a 100 million dollars each presidential cycle, the DNC is being outspent and outsmarted at almost every turn, turning so many of us into excellent complainers. Appalled by the craziness of the day and ready to explain to anyone, how horrible the thing was, no retaliatory plan, only criticisms and disgust. We all know how shameless the republican party is, we don’t need another ‘can you believe what he did’, we need an action plan, with a very long to do list. A plan with the right people could definitely take on these problems. 100 million dollars is peanuts compared to the well-oiled republican supporter machine they have running. $200 million a year is what the Democrat party needs just to be competitive. Once again, very doable with right team, vision, and plan executed 2017 style! Please look to our solution section for our short list of things to raise $100’s of millions dollars, while connecting people at every level to a new dynamic platform and network.

4. Branding completely stinks! Not even sure if they even know what it is, look up DNC or Democrat logos, graphics, artwork, videos, backgrounds, etc. and you’ll see there’s very little there, no one cares. Any NFL team has better brand and branding abilities than the oldest most respected political party in the US, the Democrats (1828), 189 years old. How many viral videos? How many viral messages? Viral means: It’s got to be good, requiring the best minds who understand and know what it takes to make things popular and interesting enough to go viral. Its like someone is sleeping at the helm, living somewhere back in the 80’s, where everything old still worked, and ego was important than winning. You know who’s changed? Corporate America and the world. If they pitifully relied on that old thinking, they’d be out of business and gone from the fabric of the markets that they were supposed to be serving. No mercy in capitalism, no prisoner or hostages, simply victory. Does the DNC even have a logo? I can’t remember ever seeing it, can you? I do remember Apple, Ford, McDonalds, NBC, and Walmart logos.

5. Connecting people to the cause is almost non existence. Do you know what the most important resource there is? It is not money. It is people and people have not been used, have not been guided, have not been taught, and who have not been connected to something that they could collectively and enthusiastically participate in. Church and Football get their own day of the week, Sunday. The Democratic Party doesn’t even realize that there’s a game being played. Time to pull our heads up out of the sand, to look up and see that light in the sky. That bright light burning isn’t the sun, but rather a train barreling down the tracks, straight at us, we’re road kill.

6. We failed during the 2010 census, allowing Karl Rove, Chris Jankowski, and Frank Luntz to give us a lesson, on what happens when you’re not paying attention, ratf**king and gerrymandering lessons. Painful and destructive. Guess what’s happening after the 2020 election? Another census, another chance to right things that have already wronged us. If we are not prepared again, we’ll pay dearly. Some democrats think it’s ok, to just hope the courts will rule in our favor on the issues, but it’s not safe or advisable.

7. We need the best and the brightest the United States has to offer. At every level and every position. The president of the DNC shouldn’t be the smartest democrat, but rather the most recognizable to the country, a Tom Hanks or an Oprah Winfrey might do well. The position shouldn’t be about power, plenty of room for that within the structure, but about market presence and audience captivity. Real professionals who can help with content, messaging, and branding. This is 2017, and it requires us using important people of fame, celebrity power, and currency to help us gain more supporters. Why do you think we use actors instead of corporate executive for messaging and content when selling anything? There’s a place for everyone at the table, but top down structure is critical to long term success.

8. Social Media presence is terrible. Any silicon valley nerd could tell you: Let’s compare the DNC and Democrat party to the top 25 NPO’s (Non Profit Organizations) and see how they compare. I’ve done it, and it’s almost unbelievable, it’s as if no one ever sat down with the leadership and argued that this is really important! We suck compared to just the 25 NPO’s, I looked at. How important that is, and why so many companies pay big bucks to have their presence perfected for that moment, the moment when a person touches an entity. In addition, the DEMs have no idea of the power of Linkedin, doing a less than mediocre job with Facebook and YouTube, sucky website presence, and placing excessive baggage into twitter, not realizing twitter is a small tool in a big toolbox of social media tools.

9. Content! You can not exist into todays market without deep understanding of the content driven society we live in. It can not be undervalued! If we are not creating content in every form, we are missing the most important ingredient in taking back what we have lost. Producing viral videos is so easy, if you understand the principles behind how something grows from nothing into the most viewed video, pic, song, or message of the day. Content is daily, not a monthly task, even hourly, being lazy or incompetent is unacceptable.

10. A real desire to Win, to understand the changes in our society, the shifts and the opportunities, finding new talent and winning.

Our Democratic Leaders

All leaders in their own distinctive way, helping shape the world we all live in.

Barak Obama

44th President
Progressive Movement

Bernie Sanders

Democratic Socialist

E. Warren

Fair Wage Warrior

Al Franken

Giant in the Senate

Al Gore

45th Vice President
Global Climate Champion

10 Solutions for the DNC and Democrat Party:

1. So money is probably the 1st issue many are interested in, so sad, but the reality of the incompetent people who’ve been responsible for getting us into this jam. Which jam? The, ‘I ain’t go no money jam’. Using NPO successful business model seemed to be of little interest to those with power, no lessons gathered from the success of so many others.

2. Why do the Goodwill, Salvation Army and every other Non-Profit Organization have thrift stores spread across our nation bringing in billions, yet the DNC has 0. There are lots of fiery Democrats out there with stuff to donate, if only they had a place to go and give it to.

3. Portland Or. – Area population approx. 2.5 million people – DNC headquarters is a tiny office in the middle of used car parking lot, crazy? This is true all over the United States, with nowhere to meet. Why does a place with more than 900 churches, all have their own buildings, while the DNC has nothing? Don’t we need a place to meet? Why doesn’t the DNC have 1000’s of building for congregating its members, selling used items in the thrift store, it is after all the oldest political party in the United States founded in 1828? It has a life longer than most churches and almost all non profit organizations. Why can they (the churches), and why haven’t we the (Dem. Party) come together ever to solve these problems? We need buildings where our members and our party can meet, assemble, organize, strategize, plan, accept donations, sell merchandise, and execute at all local, state, and national campaigns levels, including all new proposed legislation.

4. Why aren’t there any events across our nation promoting the party and the movement. Didn’t Bernie teach us anything? Every Saturday we need events, gatherings, parties, video connecting screens, rallies, marches, picnics, fundraisers, fairs, and flee market activities. We need to own Saturday! The new day for democrat activities and gatherings. When was the last time you saw a democratic message encouraging people to join the DNC, becoming part of the family, volunteering, uniting, contributing, planning events, social media campaigns, and being plugged in?

5. Teach others how to use the internet, social media, website development, SuperPACs, event planning, and fundraising. We need to help people make money, so they can help their causes and their families. Families do better when they have access to funding. I believe, you should be able to make a living at being a democrat. Isn’t that why Citizen United exist? The republicans Christmas present for all the normal people to start their own Super PAC business. It’s true, people don’t know how they work, but that’s what we’re here for, to teach them what a wonderful tool it is.

6. New content! Equals new revenue, plain and simple. On every medium we need content, clear and focused, with the help of content driven people, who love our cause and purpose. People is our strength, always has been and always will be, the juice in the motor. Money follows what you love, and what you love doesn’t require money, it’s just an added benefit.

7. We need to make business responsive to our party. How? Well, if Rosa Parks could change the policy of a bus company, why can’t we force all the companies that we the people buy from to recognize, support, and contribute to our movement? We too have the power to buy from Democratic friendly companies. Don’t we? We’ll need new democratic apps, that’ll guide us towards democratic friendly product and service providers. It’s a tool we’ve always had but never used, like Dorothy’s’ ruby slippers. If you really want to scare a republican, talk to them about affecting their business with politics. After the shock and anger passes, they’ll come around to our thinking, they always do.

8. We all live off our phones, iPads, and laptops using tons of different apps. Tell me, how many apps do the DNC or Democratic Party have? 0. It’s time to build apps as never before, Apps that’ll reach into every genre of people and platform available.

9. Schools, we have none. Why can the Christians, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, and almost any other religion have schools from kindergarten to high school? Let’s be bold and show how it fiscally makes sense. What better place to learn democratic values then in school. The right dominates at most private schools, and we have no counter balance to it. Do you think there’s a market for the product? Education is our best way out of our problems, always has and always will be.

10. We need the preforming arts, theater, liberal radio, left sided tv, and artistic production companies to come alive, as never before, creating relatable and relevant content, at all levels including: satirical plays, comedy and comedians, music and video, and any and all forms of artistry and creative projects. Kickstarter and Indiegogo give everyone the ability to start their own thing. Crowdfunding was designed for us lefties, yet we don’t use it. We need to connect celebrities to this movement, engaging them with blue candidates, support statements, and content. Social Media and Celebrities Rock!

Real Threats to the United States

When we allow idiots (GOP) to run our government, you can be assured that they are going to F**k it up for everyone! Real lives will be changed forever.
Trump Will Start A Nuclear War (N. Korea)78%
Republicans Plans To Repeal Obamacare32%
Massive Latino Deportation85%
Idiotic Climate Change Policies92%
Increased Military Spending
Shutdown of the Press

The DNC and Democrat Party needs to teach all members:

1. About gerrymandering and how sneaky, corrupt, and corrosive it is.

2. How to create a SuperPAC and raise money for their families, causes, and ours. If the republicans can use it, then we should as well.

3. Human activity is causing global warming, putting all of us at risk, it’s not a hoax invented by the Chinese.

4. Women rights are human rights (50% of the world is female).

5. Immigrants are the life blood and an essential part of our country.

6. Military spending is out of control and needs to be challenged. $500 billion a year.

7. Healthcare should be right under a single payer plan.

8.  $15 an hour minimum wage, forcing companies to pay a living wage.

9. Education is the key. Tuition free schools at every level, places where all have a chance to learn and contribute to society.

10. $20 trillion dollars in debt. We need every kid out there to get the education they need, collectively they can figure out, ‘what the hell is going on’, and figure a way out of this mess the country has gotten itself into. They’re our best chance out of the dodo were in.

11. Everyone should be welcome at our table of humanity, as they are, not judged by others’ standards or expectations.

12. Rich people don’t like paying any taxes. They will screw over anyone, if it means a few more beans and rice on their bountiful plates.

13. Homeless people need homes, not prayers and thanksgiving dinners. How can we take truck containers, stack them, connect them, and give people what they need; a toilet, a kitchen, a bed, and a welcome home hug.

14. The press is the 4th state, and without them, democracy dies. It is one of the most honorable and highest calling profession in America, in the world; not for money, not for fame, nor power, but instead for truth.

15. That we don’t go picking wars with other countries because we can. Time to stop being the bully and instead act as the adults that we are. That starts by understanding the only language a republican understands is: Dems (58%) – Rep (34%), their language of shameless is only understood by the well trained.

West Coast Liberal Dreams for the Future: (crazy as they may sound):

Criminal- the word crime in any dictionary states: A crime is a “violation of the law”, meaning you can commit crimes against yourself if it offends others. We want new legislation stating that a crime can only be committed when one person hurts or damages another person. No longer could you incarcerate people for anything but rather only, or unless they hurt another person, or their property.

All drugs should be legalized. Almost any dose of illegal drugs costs pennies in raw material to produce, yet it finds a 1,000% to 10,000% increase in price, building enormous illegal industries, destroying us as a nation, and almost every country south of the United States, including and especially our beloved country of Mexico.

Civil Seizure is a real bad idea, plea bargaining is another.